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Financial Management

Accurate financial management is the basis for a medical association to ensure its financial stability and continued existence. Status Plus is your partner in financial management and has a proven track record of improving financial results for its clients.

Our internal financial procedures and systems ensure clients receive the highest financial standard possible. All key employees are trained in budget management and financial disciplines. This training ensures Status Plus staff continually strive to monitor and manage savings, and seek enhancements and other value additions. All of our activities are managed using a budget worksheet. Financial overviews are designed to be compatible with your requirements. Budgets are updated and monitored at regular intervals and potential overspends and savings are reported in a timely and diligent manner. After the completion of an event or fiscal year, a financial overview will be sent within an agreed upon time. Being committed to full transparency, we advise our clients to perform a yearly review by an independent certified public accountant (CPA).

When assigning Status Plus as solely responsible for the financial management of your association or any related activities, cooperation starts with an analysis of the current financial situation of the association. The report that will be generated after this analysis serves as a baseline for all following activities that include:

  • Advise on how to cut on expenses
  • Advise on how to improve efficiency of the financial process
  • The set-up of a decent bookkeeping process
  • Generating financial statements and reports
  • Providing the association with financial planning and investment advice
  • Budgeting and managing budgets
  • Fiscal advice

Is your association in need of financial advice? Contact Status Plus to explore options and to discuss how to shift to the next professional level of financial management.

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