We believe that access to knowledge is the fundament for a healthier world.

To realize our vision:

  1. We deliver association management services
  2. We provide global outsourcing services
  3. We develop IT solutions
  4. We arrange destination management services

Guiding principles

No matter what we do, we hold ourselves responsible for five guiding principles
  1. Are bio: we ensure Balance, Independence and Objectivity in all facets of managing our clients.
  2. Act transparent, we work for our clients not for any third parties’ commission
  3. Calculate fair, we are pride of who we are and what we do for our clients and believe that we operate for a modest remuneration
  4. Remain honest, we value honesty and sincerity. We don’t bite our tongues when difficult messages need to be communicated
  5. Silver-line it: We look for the silver lining in every cloud. No matter what has happened or happens, we will do our utmost to ensure success.